Cookin' With Fire!

Welcome! I am Jessycane. I am just a simple stay at home mom who lives everyday for my family. One of my passions in life is cooking and sharing food with those that I love. Some of my food is easy, quick dinners built to full up empty tummies on a busy day. Some of my food is cook-all-day-love-in-every-spoonful dishes. And some of my food is advanced, melt in your mouth treats that make you feel pampered and loved. But all of my food comes from my heart and show you, forkful by spoonful, who I am. I try to make it all easy to follow and easy to fix if you mess up, which I do almost every time cook. So pull out Grandmother's favorite pot and kick off your shoes and grab a hot Dr Pepper, it's time to COOK!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello All!

       Let me start by saying thanks for taking time to check out my blog. This is mainly going to be about my fav thing in the whole wide world, food. I love to cook, and I love to share food and eat with all my friends and family. The most important part of a meal, to me, is what you put into the food. No, I am not talking about what you use to cook. I am talking about what of you you put in. I believe that food is a expression of who you are. So when I cook, I use methods and techniques passed down to me from all over. I can sometimes cook like my Mamaw, who taught me how to cook soul food made all day with love, or from my dad who taught me that if you feel like you want to add something totally off the wall, DO IT! Or from my mother in law, Terri, who has mastered the art of feeding big groups of people with simple, yet wonderful meals. So when you are cooking anything, use who you are!

Much love



  1. Welcome to the blogging world. I'm a blogger want-a-be...Teresa is the one that has really mastered it and I'm hoping to be like her when I grow up. And thanks for figuring out I was a master of feeding big groups -- out of necessity since there are so many of us now!

  2. I was sitting here think about all the times I cooked and didn't remember what was good and what was in the good dishes! I thought it would be easier to share this way. And you are good at blogging. And just a FYI, I will be posting some of the "Marshall Staples" on here. lol. But only as I cook them. That is the whole point, to show what I cook and when and how i do it. I have been told that my food is really good and really different, so we will see what happens.