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Welcome! I am Jessycane. I am just a simple stay at home mom who lives everyday for my family. One of my passions in life is cooking and sharing food with those that I love. Some of my food is easy, quick dinners built to full up empty tummies on a busy day. Some of my food is cook-all-day-love-in-every-spoonful dishes. And some of my food is advanced, melt in your mouth treats that make you feel pampered and loved. But all of my food comes from my heart and show you, forkful by spoonful, who I am. I try to make it all easy to follow and easy to fix if you mess up, which I do almost every time cook. So pull out Grandmother's favorite pot and kick off your shoes and grab a hot Dr Pepper, it's time to COOK!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cajun-Asian Fusion?!?! What the heck?

     Maybe I have been watching too many Hell's Kitchen reruns, or maybe it was a jazz music my husband was playing on the piano tonight, but I twisted my simple Asian style pork into a odd mix that can only be called Cajun Asian fusion. Now, before you get all snippy with me, it was GOOD. But it was some of that out of the box thinking that I am so infamous for that shaped this dish.  Have you  ever gotten halfway into cooking something and all the sudden you run into a big problem... what you THOUGHT was ginger, was in fact, nutmeg. And bing-bada-boomg, you have a problem on you hands. Instead of the slight bitter and sweet taste you now have a bold flavor in a dish of easy flavors. Don't panic, as one of my favorite books The Hitchhiker's Guild to the Galaxy tells you, I will walk you through how to save your pork and turn a everyday dish into a amazing feast!

Uh oh Cajun Asian Pork

What you need
Pork Chops (About 8 thin sliced or 4 thick sliced)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 cup of honey
1/2 cup of firmly packed light brown sugar
1/2 cup of soy sauce
1/2 cup of Asian chili sauce (Siracha)
2 tablespoons of  minced garlic or 4 table spoons of garlic power
1/4 cup of chives
2 tablespoons of nutmeg
2 table spoons chopped mint or any sweet spice.

First, take your sugar, soy sauce, Siracha and garlic and mix them all together in a nice big bowl. the good thing about these flavors is they are a easy mix flavors. All this means is they blend with no heat! How awesome!

Next FOLD in your honey and chives and nutmeg and mint into you mixture.

Jessycane says; Folding in is a method used when you have spices that can and will break up easier than normal. To fold something in, just put it int he middle of whatever you want to fold into, and with light strokes, pull the middle outward to the end of the bowl. Just repeat until well blended. 

Your mix should smell sweet, with a small, yet well defined,  red pepper bite at the end.
This is what your mix should look like.

Next is pan prep. Put your pan on the stove and put some Olive Oil in the bottom.  Put your heat on about 8.

Jessycane says; In a fusion dish, you want bright flavors. So with this in mind, when you are blending flavors, use Olive oil. NEVER use butter or anything that has a flavor on its own. Keep it simple and healthy. Use Olive Oil in place of butter whenever you can. Not only is it better tasting, it is also better for you and much easier to clean up! 

Pour just about a half of a cup of sauce mix into your pan. Let this sit for maybe 5 minutes max.

While this is heating up, brush your pork chops LIGHTLY with some of the mix.

Now you can cook your pork. Put your pork in the pan, letting it sit on one side for 2 to 3 minutes before flipping. Make sure you flip the pork every 2 to 3 minutes to avoid any of your sugar  getting browned. You are making pork chops, not candy. Cooking anything with a good amount of sugar requires a lot of watching. Good news is, it is easy to make sure you don't end up with candy coated meat... just flip!

This is what your food should look like in the pan.

Couple of things to note. First is the color, that rich brown color is what you want. If you have something that looks like oil and water mix, your heat is not up high enough. If you are having popping and snapping sound from the pan, the heat is too high. If you are having popping and snapping sound NOT coming from the pan, well, go find the kids. Chances are you are getting to go to the ER tonight. Make sure to turn off the stove on the way out.

That is it! Plate your food and serve it! Good news, this dish is low fat and easy easy to clean. No stuck on mess due to the Olive oil! Enjoy!

And remember, a mistake is only another way to get to try something you have always wanted to do without everyone thinking you are nuts! 

Take care,

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